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a gold and black colored mosquito sitting on its reflection as it rests on still water in a texas yard

Mini Guide To Minimizing Mosquito Exposure In Texas


Have you heard the myth that if you tense a muscle where mosquitoes are biting, they will not be able to get their needle mouth out of you and will eventually explode? In reality, this isn’t possible. The good news is that, despite this myth, there are some real ways you can minimize your risk of mosquitos and mosquito-related problems this year.... Read More

a colony of swarming termites borrowing tunnels through a wooden structure on a residential property

Homeowners Guide To Termite Prevention


If you didn’t know, a termite's job is to dispose of fallen trees out in nature. This is when termites are good. When they are bad, they try to turn our homes into compost.... Read More

a skunk in a field outside of a home in houston texas

Skunks Dig Holes In Search Of Grubs And Worms


The skunk, of course, is known for the terrible odor that it produces from glands beneath its tail, and as a result, a variety of urban legends surround the skunk and how to get rid of its pervasive stench.... Read More

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