Ants & Other Pests Are Drawn To Sugar And Water

orodous house ants eating sugar in a dallas texas home

Removing ants from your home can be a tricky proposition because of their adaptability. These pests can consume a wide variety of food and can build nests either outdoors or inside your home. Ants are principally attracted to sugar, but they will consume basically anything in an effort to keep their colony growing. Ants are likely to enter your home in the winter in order to find food and water and to find an optimal nesting area away from the elements. In order to effectively control ant populations, you must first be sure to eliminate the substances that attract them.

Finding and sealing any food storage areas like pantries and refrigerators is the first step on the path to controlling a pest infestation. Sanitation of your kitchen and other food preparation areas is critical in getting rid of ants. For example, they can live off of food spillage and grease that may accumulate under and behind appliances. Crumbs and leftover food in cabinets and pantries are also ideal feeding grounds for ants. Likewise, it’s important to keep opened food in sealed containers, as ants have the ability to detect even the smallest traces of glucose, which is in nearly all of our food.

Limiting where you consume food in your house may also help when it comes to keeping these pests under control. A few crumbs in a bedroom may prompt ants to venture even farther into your home, causing the problem to spread from one rooms to multiple rooms. Since ants come out to feed at night, when potential danger is least present, it’s also a good idea to give your kitchen area a thorough wipe-down before you go to bed. Even this simple precaution can go a long way towards discouraging ants from entering your home.

Apart from keeping the kitchen clear of spills and food residue, you might consider sweeping or vacuuming up around your house every few days as well. This practice will keep your home clear of crumbs, hair, and dead skin - which are appealing to other insects like cockroaches - but you’ll also eliminate other ant eggs and ant feces, both of which contain pheromones which will attract even more ants to your home. These pests are also attracted to pet food, so be sure to empty your pets’ bowls overnight and make sure that any stored pet food is properly sealed.

Cantu Pest & Termite is proud to be the first company in Texas to offer a Cantu Green Service to our customers in search of a more prevention-based solution to their pest removal and ongoing pest management needs while minimizing the use of pesticides.

If ants or other pests have made unwanted appearances around your home or business, call Cantu Pest & Termite and schedule an appointment today with one of our friendly, experienced ant removal experts.

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