Avoiding Bed Bugs When Kids Go Back To School


a small bed bug crawling through the linen sheets if a texas bedroom during the darkness of the night

Summer weather brings summer pests. However, as kids return to school, a few pests that were incredibly active during summer are still a major problem. One of the pests Texas homeowners are still facing this year is bed bugs. With lots of people traveling in and out of our area during the height of summer, bed bugs had many opportunities to crawl onto belongings or clothing and get brought into homes. (That was when families were traveling through crowded airports, busy hotels, and packed modes of public transportation.) Now that most residents have returned home, some don’t believe bed bugs will continue to be a problem. However, when we send our children to school, the possibility of a bed bug infestation increases once again.

Students from homes with a bed bug infestation may bring just one or two bed bugs to school with them, but just one or two bed bugs can turn into a whole lot more bed bugs in a very short period of time. Either the school becomes infested, or a student passes a bed bug from his bag to a fellow student’s bag without realizing it. With the risk of your children bringing bed bugs into your home from school, it is important to inform your children about what they should look for at school and when returning home.

  • Tell your child about how bed bugs travel by hitchhiking on bags and belongings. If possible, advise your child to keep their belongings away from other students’ bags and personal items.
  • Bed bugs can be identified fairly easily if you spot one. Tell your children to keep an eye out for bugs that are round, flat, and a reddish brown in color.
  • When returning home from school each day, help your children check their bags, clothing, and other school items for bed bugs or their eggs. Bed bugs are tricky, so be sure to check folds, creases, zippers, and pockets.
  • If you find signs of bed bugs, put infested items, bags, or clothing in the wash on a high-heat setting. This should kill adult bed bugs and their eggs.

Unfortunately, even when you stay vigilant about bed bugs, they are incredibly difficult to prevent. Many Texas homeowners might choose to look for DIY solutions when bed bugs are detected, however, these DIY methods of prevention and removal are rarely effective. Additionally, many forms of DIY bed bug treatments can be time-consuming and a waste of money, which is why professional bed bug services will always be your best option. Here at Cantu Pest Control, we offer the most effective and highest quality treatments for Texas homeowners. Our service technicians are skilled pest experts who know how to properly manage bed bug infestations and will always work to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. Reach out to Cantu Pest Control today for more information about how our pest control treatments can benefit your property!

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