Exclusion Is A Critical Component Of Scorpion Control


Scorpions are common throughout the American southwest, and are considered nuisance pests because of their propensity to sting unwary pets and family members who venture outside. Scorpions prefer dry and semi-arid regions like Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Nevertheless, scorpions still need some source of water to survive, and they spend most of the day in underground burrows and hiding under rocks and logs. Scorpions are nocturnal, and hunt for crickets, cockroaches, and spiders during the night.

a striped bark scorpion crawling on the ground outside of a home in dallas texas

During the hottest parts of the year, scorpions may enter homes in search of cool, moist areas to hide. Due to their ability to inflict painful stings, the presence of these pests in your home is a particularly serious problem.Scorpions usually enter homes through holes in screens or cracks in the exteriors of structures, so it’s vital to maintain the upkeep of your home by repairing worn-out window and door screens and to caulk any conspicuous openings you may find.

Perhaps an even more important aspect of scorpion control is the elimination of harborage sites around your home. Scorpions will take shelter from the heat during the day, meaning that they’ll hide underneath trash left out on the lawn, stones, and landscape timbers. If you must keep a woodpile, make sure that it’s at least twenty feet from the house and, if possible, at least five inches off the ground.

Scorpions are perhaps best known for their unique yet frightening stinger. While this appendage certainly looks imposing, most species of scorpion deliver a sting no more painful than a bee’s. However, a small number of species have much more potent venom - which in some instances can prove to be fatal. The Arizona bark scorpion, for example, can create a toxin powerful enough to kill a fully grown human. That said, the best policy when dealing with scorpions is to keep your distance, if at all possible.

While there are a variety of solutions and pesticides available that may discourage scorpions from entering your home, your best bet will be to enlist the help of your local pest control professional. He or she will be well-versed in the specific species of scorpion you’re dealing with, and the particular product which will be most effective. If you absolutely cannot wait, however, commercially available traps may help to lessen the numbers of pests on your property. It’s worth noting, however, that if you neglect to put the exclusion methods mentioned above into practice, it’s likely that more scorpions will just return later.

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