Exclusion Methods Are A Vital Part Of Rabbit Control

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Wild rabbits are ubiquitous pests in almost every region of the United States. Although these pests are cute and may appear pretty harmless on the surface, rabbits are herbivores and will not hesitate to eat flowers, vegetables, and all manner of other foliage that you may be trying to cultivate on your property.

These animals are most active during the spring and summer, which is peak breeding season for rabbits, and you’ll likely notice small holes and missing flowers during this time. Like many other small mammals, rabbits play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Although it may sound slightly cruel, rabbits provide food for many different kinds of predators including foxes, bobcats, and wolves.

Like most pests, rabbits are opportunistic feeders, meaning that they will take any opportunity they can to dine on fruits, vegetables, and flowers that may be located around human residences. Rabbits are herbivores and eat many different kinds of plants. They have the ability to completely strip a flowerbed or garden, which is one of the main signifiers of rabbit presence.

Rabbits are fairly active during the day, so if they do happen to be causing problems on your property, you’ll likely be able to spot the animals themselves. Likewise, rabbit families can make a surprising amount of waste, which typically takes the form of pellets, in a short amount of time. If the rabbit problem is severe enough around your property, you will almost certainly come into contact with these pellets. Most breeds of rabbits live in below-ground burrows, although some may choose to live in above-ground dens made of all manner of debris, including fallen logs and branches, and overgrown thickets.

Rabbit removal is not a particularly complicated process, and there are a number of fairly effective methods to do so. Your local pest control professional will be able to aid in this process by identifying the breed of rabbits, the locations of their burrows, and their feeding and breeding habits. Perhaps the most effective and humane means of rabbit removal is live trapping and relocation. When trapped and humanely removed, these animals will be able to live in breed in almost any location, provided there is enough foliage to sustain them. Wire fencing is also a possible solution to a persistent problem, although this measure will likely only protect a specific area, like a flowerbed or garden, rather than alter the behavior of the rabbits altogether.

Cantu Pest & Termite cares about the safe and humane trapping of the wildlife that has invaded your home or business. We believe that wildlife invaders do not have to be killed in order to solve the invasion. After our professionals have properly and thoroughly employed measures that will eliminate future wildlife infestation then the property owner may choose to have any wildlife in and around the property caught in humane traps.

If rabbits or other pests have made unwanted appearances around your home, call Cantu Pest & Termite and schedule an appointment today with one of our friendly, experienced pest control experts.

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