Homeowners Guide To Termite Prevention

termites crawling on rocks

Everything in life has a purpose, even termites. The only problem is they don't always do their job right. If you didn’t know, a termite's job is to dispose of fallen trees out in nature. When they do this, they essentially turn the trees into compost, allowing them to decay back into the earth. This is when termites are good. When they are bad, they try to turn our homes into compost. If only there was a way for us to explain to them that we like our homes just the way they are.

How Damaging are Termites?

Termite damage can be directly correlated with three factors. How many termite colonies are eating away at your home? What species are they? And how long have they been eating? It takes a few years before termite damage becomes a major concern; however, it can also take a few years to even notice there is a termite problem. There is a good reason why termites are nicknamed “silent destroyers”.

Why DIY Often Fails

DIY termite control is never the right solution, mainly because you cannot see into the wood of your home to know if it is working or not. Although it is true that reducing moisture around your home can deter certain species of termites, this is by no means a perfect solution. And many store-bought termite control products contain dangerous chemicals that, when used improperly, can pose a threat to you, your family, and your pets. When it comes to termite prevention, it is best to put your home into the hands of professionals.

Why Homeowners Insurance Does Not Have Your Back

If you are thinking that your homeowners' insurance will pay for termite damage repairs on your home, you would likely be mistaken. There is not a homeowners' insurance we have found that provides coverage for termite damage as they deem this a "preventable" disaster. Unlike flooding or a fire, termites can be controlled and prevented. Naturally, insurance companies expect you to take the proper precautions to do just that.

Why Choose Cantu For Your Termite Protection

Who can you trust with the protection of your home? Cantu Pest & Termite. The pros at Cantu would be happy to lend a helping hand. We have the tools and know-how to protect your home against dangerous termites. Consider it another form of homeowners insurance.

If you have questions about our termite control services or would like to schedule a service time for your property, contact us today. One of our service representatives is standing by ready to assist you.

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