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Houston’s Ultimate Bed Bug Prevention Guide

November 27, 2020 - Bed Bugs

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Unfortunately, some pests are incredibly easy to encounter and incredibly difficult to get rid of. Bed bugs come to mind as a common pest nuisance in Houston that nearly anyone can be exposed to. These parasites can infest homes and businesses and are just this kind of pest. While even the most diligent prevention methods can’t completely protect you from the risk of bed bugs, learning how they get around and where to avoid them can help you better your chances.

Bed Bugs Are Hitchhikers

Bed bugs are small, almost microscopic insects, though they can be seen by the human eye. The brown or reddish bugs are most apparent when seen on light-colored fabrics and the same goes for their pepper-like eggs. While most people know that bed bugs infest mattresses and furniture, you probably aren’t aware of all the areas they can be found or just how much bed bugs get around. The tiny pests are essentially hitchhikers, utilizing their hosts for both food and transportation. They do this by waiting on grass or contaminated items for people to brush past and then cling for a ride back to our homes and workplaces. This is how bed bugs can spread far and wide, and how many locations become hotspots for bed bug populations.

Bed Bug Hotspots

Because they can be transmitted unwittingly by people and animals, bed bugs are often concentrated in high-traffic areas that provide ample places for them to nest. Here are some of the places that are known as high-risk for bed bug infestation:

  • Hotels: A place with a lot of beds being used by different strangers provides bed bugs with plenty of reasons to infest hotels. 
  • Hospitals: Medical facilities also have beds and furniture to infest but they are also a hub of activity, with people from many households converging in one place to help transmit populations from one house to the next.
  • Transit Hubs: This includes bus stops, airports, and train stations, which are all high-traffic areas where bed bugs can either wait on contaminated items or hitch rides to numerous households thanks to so many people traveling in one place.
  • Schools: This is a place where students congregate closely providing a perfect host location and ample opportunity to “hitchhike.”

How Infestations Start

Aside from encountering bed bugs directly, either through outdoor activities or by hanging out in hotspot areas, you can also interact with contaminated items that might contain bed bugs. While most people know that they like mattresses, bed bugs can be found on just about any item with fabric or upholstery. Second-hand furniture, clothing, or containers that have been sitting unopened for many weeks can all provide havens for bed bugs to wait out in. Once we bring these contaminated items back home with us, bed bugs can emerge and nest in other areas where blood meals will be close by. It’s important to thoroughly inspect used items before purchasing them, especially before bringing them back to your property.

For Total Protection, Call The Pros

Even people who take precautions and thoroughly check for bed bugs can find themselves with a sudden infestation. These pests are easy to contract and hard to get rid of, so don’t take it personally. Instead, turn to the experts who can protect you from the worst bites and other problems that bed bugs bring. At Cantu Pest & Termite, our technicians can get started right away on a complete inspection of your property, to determine whether bed bugs are already present or a distinct risk. No matter your situation, you can rely on us to implement solutions that actually eliminate the problem and make sure it doesn’t come back. For true protection from bed bugs, trust Cantu Pest & Termite!