How Bed Bugs In Dallas Get Into Our Homes

bed bug infestation

What’s your ideal day? A trip to the park with the family? Lying around on the couch binging your favorite show? Or maybe it’s an adventure to see as many new sites as you can see. While most of us enjoy at least some parts of our day, it’s hard to find anything better than a good night’s sleep. When we’re in our typical routine, sleep is a premium. You might only get six or seven hours on a good night, and sleep is the last thing you can afford to be losing. So if there was a pest threatening the quality and comfort of your sleep, wouldn’t you take that threat seriously?

Bed Bugs: Haunting Your Sleep

Your average bed bug is a tiny, grey/brown, oval-shaped bug. They might only be 5mm long, but they can be a giant pain. Actually, their small size is part of what makes them hard to get rid of. Regardless of the furniture they inhabit, whether it’s a couch, chair, or mattress, bed bugs will lay eggs deep within the cushions, and most of these pests will sit and wait until their nightly feedings. Yes… they do actually feed on your blood as you sleep, which is almost too terrifying to dwell on, so let’s move on.
While it can be hard to notice their activities, there are two surefire signs of a bed bug infestation:

  1. Bloodstains on sheets or furniture material left behind from feeding
  2. Zig-zagged or straight-line small, red bites on your chest, arms, legs, or back.

Bed bug bites are not necessarily painful, but they will cause skin damage over time. Repeated bed bug attacks have been known to cause allergic reactions and similar health issues if not treated quickly. Plus, bed bug victims, even after the infestation is eradicated, can suffer from insomnia, which has a variety of potentially severe ramifications. That’s why you have to recognize an infestation quickly and be as careful as possible to prevent these bugs from getting into your home.

Avoiding & Preventing Bed Bugs

How do bed bugs in Dallas wind up in your home, anyways? They can enter your home on many things, including: 

  • You and your family
  • Your clothes 
  • Used furniture (check before you bring any into your home)
  • And even luggage, purses, and other carryable items

The number one way to prevent bed bugs in your Dallas home is to keep an eye out for them before bringing anything or anyone into your home. You should also be especially careful when coming back from an office building. Yes, even though there are no beds in these buildings, bed bugs are a frequent inhabitant of a lot of office furniture that may not get cleaned as often as your furniture at home.

Once they’re in your home, there isn’t a whole lot you can do. While vacuuming and other methods may kill the top layer of pests, they lay their eggs deep within items, so it is extremely difficult to get rid of every bed bug. You might not see bed bugs for a few weeks, but the infestation is still there and will come back eventually. The best way to prevent and eradicate bed bugs is to enlist the services of the pros. Trying to get rid of them yourself will result in headaches, sleepless nights, and health issues. So, if you’re worried about a potential bed bug infestation in your home, contact the professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite at the first sign of a problem.

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