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Pests Will Scramble To Find Food & Warmth During Winter

December 19, 2017 - Home Pest Control

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During the winter months, all kinds of pests will be searching for some respite from the cold weather and will look to your home for a source of both food and shelter. To combat the incursions of these pests, there are a variety of rodent exclusion methods that your local pest control professional will employ.

In broad terms, animal exclusion means limiting access to food, water, and shelter that these pests are seeking. These exclusion methods may include sealing entry points with caulk or steel wool and placing screens or chicken wire over other points of entry, including crawl spaces.

Naturally, the success of a given exclusion method depends on the kind of pest in question; some exclusion methods are more successful at keeping out certain kinds of pests. Animal exclusion, particularly in winter, is one of the best and most effective long-term solutions for wildlife problems. While trapping can be effective for momentarily removing an animal from your property, exclusion methods will go a long way to ensure that pests stay outside where they belong.

Exclusion methods are particularly useful when it comes to controlling smaller pests like rodents and bats, as they can squeeze themselves inside small cracks for which most homeowners wouldn’t even think of looking. It’s also important to remember that minor maintenance and periodic small repairs can be sufficient to keep pests out of your home, thereby avoiding major damage that a full-blown infestation might cause.

Some critical aspects of an average animal exclusion regimen are as follows: removal of overgrown and overhanging tree limbs and shrubbery, placement of durable screening around the base of a porch or deck, repairing holes in screens, vents, and sidings, adding caps and screens to chimneys and blocking gaps and crevices in roof paneling.

Enlisting the help of a trained pest control professional is the first step in combating wildlife problems around your home. They will be able to quickly and accurately decide which pests are trying to invade your home and which exclusion method will be the most effective in your specific circumstances.

Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that D.I.Y animal exclusion can often be a dangerous process, and your trained pest control professional will be able to apply the correct exclusion method at the cheapest cost and in the safest manner.

Cantu Pest & Termite is proud to be the first company in Texas to offer a Cantu Green Service to our customers in search of a more prevention-based solution to their pest removal and ongoing pest management needs while minimizing the use of pesticides.

If rodents or other pests have made unwanted appearances around your home or business, call Cantu Pest & Termite and schedule an appointment today with one of our friendly, experienced pest removal experts.