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The Trick To Keeping Pesky Flies Out Of Your Houston Home

March 26, 2021 - Flies

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You, your family, and your loved ones could be in danger if fly concerns are not aptly addressed. Prevention is crucial for homeowners looking to steer clear of flies and their destructive effects.

They’re not just annoying or slightly inconvenient. In fact, house flies are some of the most dangerous pests living in Houston homes today. Flies have the potential to spread numerous pathogens around your home, including: 

  • Anthrax 
  • Cholera Salmonella 
  • Tuberculosis 
  • Typhoid

Eliminating Household Factors That Draw Houston Flies

Flies are quite literally attracted to everything humans produce, from food wastes and garbage to the messes we leave behind. Some of the most attractive human byproducts that attract flies and fly activity include: 

  • Trash: For flies, the stinkier the better! These buzzing bumblers are obsessed with the scent of rotting or putrid garbage, and will go to any length to secure a little ‘treat’ when they can. 
  • Food: If you’ve ever been on a picnic, you know just how aggravating flies can be when they catch a whiff of your meal. See, flies don’t just find trash appealing. In fact, the scent of your next barbecue, potato salad mix, or summer dessert will send them barreling in your direction! 
  • Water: Like every living thing on earth, flies require a water source in order to survive. Homes with higher water availability are more favored by flies than those without, including chronic humidity issues or puddles in the lawn.

Here are some ways to reduce or eliminate fly attracting factors both inside and outside the home:

  • Store all food and trash items in sealed bins with airtight lids 
  • Use a plastic wrapper inside your trash bins to prevent a buildup of smells or grime 
  • Purchase a dehumidifier for use around chronic areas of the home
  • Fill dips or puddles out in the lawn with topsoil 
  • Clear yard debris that could be housing flies, especially leaf piles, old firewood stacks, and compost piles 
  • Check and seal up all screens or entry points with waterproof caulking

Still worried about flies breaking into your Houston home? Schedule a visit with Cantu Pest & Termite to get tips and tricks catered just to you.

No End In Sight? Get Cantu Pest & Termite!

A group of flies is known as a ‘business,’ and for good reason. After all, when flies get into your home or property, they really do mean business! From food contamination to pathogen spread, no one is safe from the touch of the household fly. If you have been dealing with one or two flies buzzing about your kitchen space, you’re in luck! There is likely no infestation present within the home. However, if you begin to notice clusters, groups, or ‘businesses’ of flies cropping up about the property, you may be in a bad way indeed. 
If there seems to be no end in sight for your household fly problems, call on the folks who can make a difference at Cantu Pest & Termite today. Thirty-plus years of professional fly elimination services have given us a great outlook on pest prevention, treatment, and elimination. Enjoy quarterly service visits and weep hole exclusion efforts that stop flies in their tracks, as well as free callbacks and follow-up visits that ensure we’ve delivered nothing but the best. With satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, partnering with Cantu Pest & Termite is a win-win for everyone (but household flies, of course). Get your home pest problems under control with advice, assistance, and home inspections from Cantu Pest Control today. We make big pest problems look like small potatoes. Reach out to the team today!