Thoroughly Removing Bed Bug Eggs Can Be A Painstaking Process


Bed bugs are troublesome pests that can be brought into your home by hiding in luggage, clothing, and furniture. They are often difficult to spot because they hide in cracks and crevices during the day and only venture out to suck the blood of sleeping humans at night. Usually, their reddish-brown fecal matter as well as small blood stains serve as indications that you have a bed bug problem on your hands. Bed bugs don’t really traverse open spaces, so they will likely make their nests right next to their prey; that is, inside the wood of a bed frame or the material of a mattress. Once a bed bug problem becomes large enough, they quickly spread to different areas of the home by riding on clothing.

bed bugs and eggs on a mattress inside of a houston texas home

There are a few key tips to keep in mind when searching your home for possible signs of a infestation. For example, bed bugs love the dark and quiet, so be sure to prioritize those areas when searching for evidence of their presence. Also, be sure to check for warning signs in adjacent rooms; just because bed bugs have been eliminated in one area doesn’t mean they’ve been taken care of throughout the whole house.

Apart from getting in touch with your local pest control professional - which should be your first step - there are certain other measures you can take on your own to mitigate the spread of bed bugs. Removing clutter like stuffed animals, clothing, and bedding can be an important step in denying bed bugs more hiding places. If it’s been determined that bed bugs are hiding in the fabric of these items, they can be heat treated and washed which will usually be sufficient to kill any eggs tucked inside.

Since bed frames are among the most common hiding places for bed bugs, dismantling and inspecting them is a necessary precaution. Likewise, the wooden frames of dressers and wardrobes can be accommodating for bed bugs looking for a hiding place close to their host.

It can often be a challenge for the average homeowner to ensure that they’ve managed to eradicate all traces of bed bug eggs, which is why the help of a pest control expert should be enlisted. These experts will employ a variety of approaches, including vacuuming all over clothing, furniture, and walls, and scrubbing suspect surfaces with a wire brush to ensure the removal of any stuck-on eggs. The pest control expert may also find it necessary to caulk and seal any holes where pipes and wires enter a room, so that the offending pests will not be able to escape to other parts of the house.

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