Ticks Can Enter Homes By Hiding In Pets’ Fur

a tick embedded in a dog in allen texas

Like many other kinds of insidious pests, ticks require mammalian blood in order to survive. Ticks are often tiny, and even when engorged with blood are often the size of sunflower seeds; this means that ticks can remain undetected for extended periods, particularly if they happen to afflict your pets. Ticks usually prefer areas with lots of overgrown vegetation, so be sure to keep your lawn well maintained if you intend to cut down their numbers this summer. While it may be common practice to inspect your body and clothing closely after traversing areas with heavy foliage, ticks often find their way onto humans and inside homes by hitching rides on pets.

Like many other kinds of insects, ticks will usually seek out areas that provide some kind of shelter, even inside homes. When they’re not latched onto humans or pets, they can be found in cracks and crevices and nestled within the fibers of carpets. It’s also worth noting that ticks often infest rodent and bird nesting areas, so be sure to exercise extreme caution if attempting to remove them yourself.

While they may look similar to the casual observer, fleas and ticks require different treatment methods, and if you suspect that one or the other has made inroads into your home, call your pest control professional right away. He or she will not only be able to accurately identify the pest in question but will recommend a more efficient and cost-effective treatment method.

Even if the chances of infection are low, it’s important to be aware of the different diseases that ticks carry, in order to be prepared should the worst occur. The most common disease carried by ticks is Lyme disease. This disease is characterized by an inflamed read ring around the afflicted area, as well as joint and muscle pain, and fever. While Lyme disease may be the most common, ticks can transmit a number of equally dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, and Tularemia.

As warm weather approaches, it’s important to be aware of the ways in which you can avoid tick bites while enjoying the outdoors. For example, wear long-sleeve shirts and pants if hiking or walking through the woods, and choose lighter colors that will allow you to spot ticks easier against the fabric. Also, wear hats and keep long hair tucked underneath to avoid ticks getting tangled and hiding on your person.

Cantu Pest & Termite is proud to be the first company in Texas to offer a Cantu Green Service. Our Texas tick control experts are excited to offer Cantu Green Service pest services to our customers in search of a more prevention-based solution to their pest removal and ongoing pest management needs while minimizing the use of pesticides.

If ticks or other Allen pests have made unwanted appearances around your Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston home or commercial property, call Cantu Pest & Termite and schedule an appointment today with one of our friendly, experienced tick removal experts.

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