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What Every Houston Property Owner Ought To Know About Rats

January 29, 2021 - Rodents

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As Houston residents, we tend to only notice the best things about our city: the enjoyable sports atmosphere, the history, and the tourist attractions. However, every city has its rough spots, and those rough spots tend to attract some of the worst parts about living in our warm climate: rodents and other pests. While you may not constantly think about how to protect your home from a rat infestation, you’d be surprised at how dangerous it can be if they choose to invade your home next.

Risky Rat Invasions

The rats in Houston typically range from six to nine inches in length, which doesn’t include the tail. Their large dark gray, black, or brown bodies can create an intimidating picture when you see one in your house, but it’s not their size you should be worried about.

You see, rats have been depending on humans for hundreds of years. They’ll eat our trash and leftover food, which is why they enjoy hanging out in places like sewers, landfills, and dumpsters. This need for food and drink will attract them closer to your property, which creates a huge health hazard. Unfortunately, rats have not just been eating our food for hundreds of years; they’ve been making us sick for hundreds of years as well.

When rats leave their contaminated environment to invade your home, they’ll bring all of that dangerous bacteria into your house. As they search for more food, they’re likely to spread bacteria to your pantry and meal preparation areas, which puts you at risk of contracting dangerous diseases.

Along with bacteria, they’ll also put your home at risk with their sharp teeth and incessant need to chew. Rat infestations can cause hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage as they’ll chew through almost anything you own: stored decorations, wooden structures, drywall, laundry, linens, shoes, and even electrical wiring.

Preventing A Rat Infestation

While those sharp teeth could lead to a lot of potential damage, they also make it very hard to keep rats out of your house. They can squeeze through small holes or cracks, and any cracks that aren’t large enough can be enlarged with their sharp teeth.

Furthermore, rats are very intelligent creatures, so they’ll wait for the perfect time to sneak in through an open garage door, uncovered vent, and countless other small openings in and around your house. That’s why prevention measures can be difficult and need to also focus on limiting the factors that might attract them to your property. The best rat prevention methods include:

  • Making sure outdoor trash cans have heavy lids that close securely.
  • Properly storing pet food, birdseed, or dried food items.
  • Picking up fruit that falls from trees in the yard.
  • Eliminating outdoor water sources.
  • Regular cleaning habits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that rats are very aware of their environments. If you switch up your lawn decorations every few weeks, this might wind up spooking them off of your property.

Now, these are all things you can easily do yourself, but they may not always guarantee rat prevention. If you do incur an infestation, the worst thing you can do is try and get rid of them yourself. Traps and poisons are generally ineffective because rats are too smart and reproduce too quickly for you to get rid of an infestation for good.

Instead of wasting your money on DIY remedies, why not go with the solution that can prevent and eradicate rats for good? The most effective and safest way to handle a rat infestation in Houston is to contact the professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite.