What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Mice?

a house mouse in a kitchen cupboard

People have been experimenting for centuries to find the quickest way to get rid of mice. Some experimental traps proved unsuccessful, only feeding the mice and inviting them to come back with their friends. One person took getting rid of mice way too seriously—going to the extent of making a miniature mouse cannon that was designed to shoot mice across a room and into a slick bucket. To us, this seems like a wee bit of overkill. If you would like the fastest way to get rodents out of your home, stick around; your answer is coming right up.

What Do Mice Hate Most?

If we gave you 100 guesses, you may still not be able to guess what mice hate most. The reason for this is that the thing they hate the most, people love, and that would be dryer sheets. Although their smell may be pleasant to your nose, it is repulsive to mice. Another way to deter mice is by cleaning with ammonia-based solutions. Be careful, however, not to use too much, as the smell can make you and your pets very sick if not used with adequate ventilation.

What Home Remedy Can I Use To Get Rid Of Mice? 

After mice have invaded, cleaning with ammonia-based solutions is no longer a good strategy. Once mice build a nest and find food sources in your home, a bad smell is not going to push them away. For just a few mice, traps are a good option. With the right placement, store-bought traps baited with peanut butter (not cheese) may solve your problem. Larger infestations, however, cannot be stopped with store-bought traps alone. It is at this point that professional services are needed. Remember when we promised you the fasted way to get rid of mice? The answer is to trust the professionals here at Cantu Pest Control. Our methods are designed to work quickly to eliminate the mice running around your home. With just a couple of service visits from one of our expert pest technicians, we will have your home mouse-free. 

What Will Keep Mice Away? 

Once we have the mice out of your house, you will have two options. You can either seal up your home yourself and follow basic rodent prevention guidelines, such as cleanliness, proper food storage, and moisture elimination or you can ask your Cantu Pest Control technician about our professional rodent prevention options. They will help you find the best pest protection program for your home and ensure you get the treatment you deserve.

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