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What Those In Houston May Not Know About The Dangers Of House Flies

August 14, 2020 - Flies

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Some pests are so common we barely pay them a second thought. However, commonness doesn’t always mean something is harmless and pests like house flies can often bring worse things into your property than their annoying buzzing. Learning how you can spot the early signs, and what steps you can take to stay protected, will help you avoid a fly infestation.

House Flies: Common Pests

Flies are some of the most abundant insects in the world, coming in all shapes and sizes. They reproduce quickly, so inaction or improper prevention methods can end up letting a pest problem grow for weeks or months. The term “house fly” really refers to a host of different species that are known to invade properties and yards. From sugar flies to horse flies, they invade in search of food, water, and easy places to nest. It doesn’t matter what they’re called so much as what they mean for your property and what you can do about them.

Where Do House Flies Come From?

Before landing on the surfaces of your home, flies have almost surely just come from some unsavory and germ-ridden place. To a fly looking for rot and scum to feed on, manure, the things we call trash and sewage are treasure troves. Though common flies aren’t typically infected with transmittable diseases themselves, they can still aid the spread of germs and contaminate food sources or the areas where we prepare meals. Their maggot offspring similarly feed on anything they can get their maws on, and the grub-like bodies can usually be found in areas of decay. You don’t want these germ monsters anywhere near your property.

House Fly Prevention For Your Property

Rather than wait for flies to move in before taking proper precautions, get an early start on these prevention steps to keep your property protected:

Windows & Doors

Flies can easily fly in through holes or gaps left around windows and doors, and they can even get sucked in along with a draft if they’re buzzing right outside. That’s why proper screen maintenance is a must, on both windows and doors. Installing door sweeps to prevent bugs from crawling in under the threshold is another good step.

Moisture Control

Like most bugs, flies like wet or humid areas and they specifically lay their eggs clusters in moist environments. Address leaks and spills quickly, and maintain proper ventilation systems in your bathroom, kitchen, and basement.


Flies have more energy to fly inside quickly if they have places nearby to rest. Reduce harborage points by keeping tree limbs and other foliage trimmed back.

Professional Inspections & Treatments

Often, the only certainty with professional pest control comes from proven solutions. Rather than try to stay up on all this yourself, turn to the experts who can put a trained pair of eyes on the problem and put real solutions in place.

For More Advice Or Assistance, Call Cantu Pest & Termite

Flies may be common but they don’t have to be a problem for your property. While these prevention tips will help put you ahead on proper pest control, only routine, professional service will ensure that flies and other pests don’t venture into your property. At Cantu Pest & Termite, our staff can provide even more advice on fly prevention, and our thorough inspections of your property can help determine your level of risk. If pests are spotted, we can act quickly to solve the problem, not just cover it up. Even if you just want to get started on our proven lawn treatments, which help ward bugs from your property, you can count on us.

Don’t let nuisance flies become a full-blown problem, act today by calling Cantu Pest & Termite or by visiting our website.