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bed bug larvae and a bed bug on a bed

How Bed Bugs In Dallas Get Into Our Homes


Bed bug bites are not necessarily painful, but they will cause skin damage over time. Repeated bed bug attacks have been known to cause allergic reactions and similar health issues if not treated quickly.... Read More

a house fly on a table

What Those In Houston May Not Know About The Dangers Of House Flies


Some pests are so common we barely pay them a second thought. However, commonness doesn’t always mean something is harmless and pests like house flies can often bring worse things into your property than their annoying buzzing. Learning how you can spot the early signs, and what steps you can take to stay protected, will help you avoid a fly infestation... Read More

termites crawling in a group of wood

Eight Termite Myths That Houston Property Owners May Still Believe


While many people understand that termites can cause serious house damage, there are a lot of myths out there that some believe are facts. These kinds of myths are dangerous because spreading misinformation about any pests can make it much harder for homeowners to properly deal with an infestation.... Read More

fireants swarming in a yard

The Trick To Effective Fire Ant Control In Fort Worth


Sometimes, the smallest pests pose the biggest problems. Fire ants, which can number in the millions and pose health risks, fall into this category. Knowing how to effectively control fire ants will put you a step ahead of making sure that these terrible invaders don’t colonize your property.... Read More

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