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The Ultimate Cockroach Prevention Guide For Dallas Homeowners


On average, Americans spend 20 billion dollars on home security systems each year. Most of this money goes into cameras, sensors, and alarms built to keep them safe from home invasions, robberies, and other threats. What these systems do not keep people safe from, however, are unwanted pest invaders like cockroaches.... Read More

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Combatting Common Cockroaches In Dallas HomesĀ 


What's worse than seeing a cockroach run across your floor? Seeing a cockroach spread its wings and fly at your face! That’s right. Some cockroaches can fly. Today we will be talking about the common cockroaches here in Dallas, which ones fly, and what kind of threat they pose to you and your home.... Read More

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Cockroaches Crave Food, Water, And Warmth


Although cockroaches are associated with uncleanliness and squalor, they can enter any home in search of food, water, and warmth. These pests can fit through even the smallest cracks and crevices.... Read More

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Cockroaches Seek Out Moisture And Warmth


Cockroaches like to hide out in cracks and crevices which provide them sense of warmth and moisture, which means that they generally make incursions into homes during the winter months.... Read More

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Cockroaches Love Easy Access To Food


Cockroaches are extremely troublesome pests and can enter buildings through cracks and crevices in the foundation as well as through drains, pipes, and ventilation systems.... Read More


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