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A fast-growing city that still maintains its small-town heart, Celina, Texas is a place individuals and families are flocking to. From our quaint downtown with brick front buildings to expansive residential neighborhoods, Celina is a lovely place to put down roots. Unfortunately, it is not only people that call Celina home, many insects and rodents have also decided to make this city their home. Prevent common pests in Celina from finding their way into your home or business with the help of the pest professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite. Our exceptional pest control services solve pest problems and keep them from returning. Learn more about our local company and how we work with local home and business owners to maintain pest-free properties. Call Cantu Pest & Termite today!

Home Pest Control In Celina, TX

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Our professionals understand the pest pressures Celina homeowners face each day and how frustrating and stressful they are. We want to work with you to solve your home’s pest problems and put into place measures to ensure that pests do not return. Protect your home year-round with the help of our Cantu Pest Protection Plan. This quarterly service plan provides protection against 20+ common household pests and includes:

  • The completion of an initial inspection.
  • The development of a customized pest solution that is specific to your Celina home.
  • An initial treatment.
  • Follow-up treatments to help you maintain a pest-free home.

Learn more about the Cantu Pest Protection Plan or any of our other residential pest control services in Celina by giving us a call today! We want to help you protect your home and family from the pests that call Texas home!

Commercial Pest Control In Celina, TX

Whether you run a healthcare facility, a restaurant, a hotel, or a food-processing facility, the experts at Cantu Pest & Termite will work with you to keep pests out and away from your inventory and customers. We understand how devastating pest problems are to a business and we work with our customers to maintain pest-free facilities. Benefits of putting into place a commercial pest control plan include:

  • Peace of mind. You will know that the job is being done correctly and pests won’t be able to make themselves at home inside your commercial facility.
  • Protecting your customers and employees from the bacteria, human pathogens, and parasites pests carry and spread.
  • Protecting your business’s reputation. All it takes is one customer spotting one pest to damage your business’s reputation in the community and beyond.
  • Professional pest control helps to maintain quality control within your business by protecting food, clothing, fabrics, and any other inventory your commercial facility houses.
  • Consistent pest control services ensure that health and other inspections are passed.

If you are ready to put into place the services needed to protect your Celina business from pests, the professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite are ready to help. With over 30 years of experience protecting commercial properties, we are the best choice for your commercial pest control needs!

How To Avoid Rodents: Celina, TX Edition

Let’s face it, if rodents in Celina were easy to avoid, we wouldn’t have to worry about these pests. But worry, we do! The truth is that rodents live all around us in cities, in the country, and in suburban neighborhoods. They have become accustomed to living around people and taking advantage of the food, water, and shelter we provide. The problem with this is that rodents are not a pest we want to live with or near us. They carry and transmit diseases and bacteria that make people ill, they contaminate food, and they can cause major damage to our homes and outbuildings.
To help you avoid rodents, Cantu Pest & Termite wants to provide you with some tips that will make your property less inviting to rodents.

  • Rodents are agile and will squeeze their bodies through the tiniest opening to gain access to a home.
  • Inspect your home’s entire exterior and seal any openings, high or low.
  • Rodents are prey animals and like to spend most of their time hiding out of sight. Both inside and outside of your home, remove any clutter or debris that rodents could use as hiding spots: fallen trees, woodpiles, leaf piles, storage boxes, etc.
  • Remove their access to food. Rodents are always looking for new sources of food. Remove bird feeders, keep tight-fitting lids on trashcans and compost bins, pick up uneaten pet food at night, and store food in your home in the fridge or in sealed containers.
  • Repair any leaky pipes or fixtures inside and outside of your home. Rodents will take advantage of any source of water.

In conjunction with the above tips, the best way to avoid rodent problems is to partner with a professional. Cantu Pest & Termite helps property owners get rid of current rodent intruders and prevents them from returning. For more information about our solutions to Celina, Texas, rodent problems, contact us today!

3 Signs You Have Bed Bugs In Celina, TX (Don't Worry, We Can Help!)

Hitchhiking their way into new homes and businesses daily, bed bugs are formidable pests that have the potential to find their way into any structure. Bed bugs in Celina live where people visit and live which means you could come into contact with them almost anywhere, the movies, a friend’s home, the airport, while visiting your child at college, and almost any other public place.
Bed bugs move silently into homes on people’s clothing, bags, coats, or newly purchased clothing. Once inside they first take up residence in sleeping areas hiding in the cracks of wooden heads and footboards, inside the seams of mattresses and box springs, and behind hanging pictures.
While no one wants to spend their time thinking about bed bugs. Spending a little time thinking about them is helpful. Knowing the first signs of a bed bug infestation is important so that you can reach out for professional help and eliminate these biting pests from your home as quickly as possible.

Listed below are 3 signs that bed bugs have found their way into your Celina home.

  • Discovering dark streaks (excrement) on bedding, pillows, mattresses, and box springs. Wherever bed bugs travel, they leave behind excrement, a tell-tale sign of an infestation.
  • As bed bugs grow and develop, they shed their skins. If bed bugs are growing and developing in your home, you will find piles of their skins on the floor, under mattresses and box springs, and in the seams of upholstered furniture.
  • Finding live or dead bed bugs. Bed bugs are usually discovered in the seams of mattresses and box springs, but other common hiding spots include cracks in walls, in upholstered furniture, behind baseboards, and in piles of dirty laundry. Adults grow to about 1/4”, have six legs, and have a flattened oval body. They are reddish-brown in color.

If you ever discover or think you have discovered bed bugs or their signs in your home, call Cantu Pest & Termite we can help! We act fast, and our professionals will inspect your home and identify bed bugs or signs of bed bug activity. They then put into place a plan of action to eliminate the entire infestation, leaving you behind with nothing but a peaceful night’s sleep! Contact us today to learn more about our bed bug control service!

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If you live or own a business in Celina and you are experiencing pest infestations, call Cantu Pest & Termite today!  We can help you with your pest management needs and give you back your home or business. We develop customized solutions for each customer. Give us a call today at (972) 562-9999.

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