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Euless is a city located in Tarrant County and is a suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth. Whether you own a home or a business in our area, it’s important to remember that local area pests are always a part of the equation. Some property owners never face any serious pest problems, while others have to deal with full-blown pest infestations. Either way, contacting professional pest control for help with your pest control and management needs is always a great step to take. Cantu Pest & Termite provides excellent pest control services for both residential and commercial properties. If you’re ready to make a change and see a future without pests in your Euless home or business, we have you covered. Turn to the professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite today to discover how our pest control programs can benefit you. 

Home Pest Control In Euless, TX

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No Euless home truly feels like a home if you’re sharing it with a plethora of pests. Whether those pests are large, small, or somewhere in between, you don’t want to find them anywhere near your residential property. Stinging insects, termites, flies, rodents, bed bugs, and many other pests like to get into your home and cause problems for your family. As a Euless homeowner, it’s important to put into place a year-round home pest control service to keep your property protected from pests of all shapes and sizes. If your property needs wildlife trapping services, rodent baiting stations, termite liquid treatments, or any other pest control service, you can trust the pest experts here at Cantu Pest & Termite to meet your unique pest control requirements. Our Cantu Pest Protection Plan includes quarterly service visits, protection from over 20 common pests, free callbacks, and much more. Give your home the protection it needs by contacting Cantu Pest & Termite today.

Commercial Pest Control In Euless, TX

Cantu Pest & Termite has been proudly providing our business partners with outstanding commercial pest control services since 1983. Our goal is to ensure your Euless business remains pest-free all year long. With our certified pest technicians on the job, you don’t have to worry about pests scaring away your customers, damaging your property, or spreading diseases in your establishment. All of our commercial pest control plans can be customized to better suit the needs of your Euless commercial property. In addition to our customizable services, we offer environmentally-responsible commercial pest control options through our Cantu Green Service. You can trust us to take care of your restaurant, hotel, warehouse, health care facility, or any other type of business building. If you’re in need of quality commercial pest control services, you can’t get any better than the services provided by Cantu Pest & Termite.

3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Flies In Euless, TX

Flies are at the top of the list when it comes to “most annoying household pests.” Not only do they make an irritating buzzing sound as they fly around your Euless property, but they also have the habit of flying right in your face while you’re completing daily tasks. Although most flies don’t bite or sting, they can spread harmful bacteria and pathogens. To avoid finding these annoying insects in your Euless home or business, try out a few of these fly-prevention tips:

  • Flies are attracted to filth, which means keeping your property clean and sanitary is the first step to effective fly prevention. Cleaning crumbs off your floors, sealing your garbage bins, and storing pet food in airtight containers are all ways you can reduce filth that may attract flies.
  • If you eliminate every possible way that flies could get into your home or business, you greatly reduce the chances that flies will invade. Some ways you can exclude flies from your property include replacing torn window screens, keeping windows and doors shut when not in use, and putting screens over your vents. 
  • Flies can reproduce quickly. If you spot flies buzzing around your property, try to eliminate them before they can lay their eggs. Fly swatters and fly paper are popular options. 

The best way to eliminate your fly problems is by contacting Cantu Pest & Termite for effective fly treatments and control methods.

Early Warning Signs Of Termite Infestation In Euless, TX

Here in Texas, termites are a common problem for homeowners and business owners. Although they aren’t dangerous or harmful to your health, they can cause a lot of structural problems for your property. One of the best things you can do to avoid the extensive damage that termite colonies can cause is to identify signs of termites around your Euless home or business earlier. Some of the most common warning signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Winged termites, also known as termite swarmers, flying around the exterior of your building.
  • Tight-fitting doors and hard-to-open windows.
  • Termite frass, which is a mixture of dust, debris, and termite fecal matter.
  • Warped floorboards.
  • Cracks in your ceiling.

If you suspect termites have invaded your Euless home or business property, don’t wait, contact Cantu Pest & Termite today. We can provide you with termite control treatments that will eliminate and prevent termite activity all year long.

Let Cantu Pest & Termite Help You Stay Pest-Free!

At Cantu Pest & Termite, our job is to help you reclaim your home or business. Every situation is different, our pest control professionals are proud to offer a customized pest control treatment to meet your needs. Cantu Pest & Termite is here to help you throughout the city of Euless. Call Cantu Pest & Termite today at (972) 562-9999.

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