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Fort Worth is a well-known city located in North Central Texas. Although there are many aspects that make our area a wonderful place to start a business or settle down with a family, pest problems in Fort Worth will always be an issue for both homeowners and business owners. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs are all pests that can infest your Fort Worth property and cause trouble. If you’re ready to say goodbye to pest problems, Cantu Pest & Termite has your back. We provide effective year-round commercial and residential pest control solutions to ensure all your pest problems are dealt with. Reach out to our pest technicians today to learn more about what our pest protection plans can do for you.

Home Pest Control In Fort Worth, TX

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Owning a home can be a fun and rewarding responsibility. However, when pests such as insects, spiders, or rodents invade your Fort Worth home, managing the task of keeping your property protected can seem overwhelming. When you reach out to the certified pest experts here at Cantu Pest & Termite, you can trust that your Fort Worth home will remain pest-free all year long. We offer long-term solutions to solve immediate pest problems and prevent any pests from disturbing you in the future. At Cantu Pest & Termite, we care about the health and safety of your family, which is why we provide customizable home pest control plans tailored to your exact pest control needs. If you need comprehensive home pest control services, you can trust Cantu Pest & Termite to provide you with just that.

Commercial Pest Control In Fort Worth, TX

Owning a Fort Worth business is all about ensuring the satisfaction of your customers and the quality of your products and services. No matter what industry your business is in, pests have the ability to drive your customers away, destroy your property, contaminate your products, and damage your reputation. To avoid all the negative impacts that a pest infestation can have on your Fort Worth business, contact the professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite for commercial pest protection. We offer comprehensive customized commercial pest services to meet the specific needs of your property and your business industry. With Cantu Pest & Termite by your side, you don’t have to worry about pest problems affecting your bottom line.

Problems Cockroaches Cause In Fort Worth, TX

Cockroaches are often featured in scary films and television shows due to the fact that people find these insects filthy and repulsive. Unfortunately, cockroaches pose much more of a fear factor when you’re aware of the problems they can cause if they invade your Fort Worth property. There are many species of cockroaches that live in the United States. Thankfully, only a handful of cockroach species commonly invade commercial and residential settings.

Here in Texas, there are four cockroaches that could infest your property: American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. Cockroaches are certainly disturbing to look at, but the problems they cause are related to their habits of traveling through unsanitary areas. Garbage piles, compost bins, carrion, sewage, and even feces are common materials that cockroaches feed on. Cockroaches could have been in a number of filthy places before invading your home, which is why these pests can spread many harmful diseases. These pests can also trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks in some people, which are serious health concerns. If you think cockroaches have invaded your Fort Worth home or business, it’s time to turn to professional cockroach control. At Cantu Pest & Termite, we protect Fort Worth properties from many different pest problems and are dedicated to providing effective services every time. Give us a call today for more information about our cockroach control plans.

3 Things Everybody In Fort Worth, TX Ought To Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t like other insects. Instead of hopping or flying around to find their next meal like other pests, bed bugs crawl onto our clothing and belongings, which smell like us. From there, we carry these tiny hitchhikers into our homes and businesses, where they are free to hide in our bedding and feed on our blood. Although there’s no way you can ensure that bed bugs never invade your Fort Worth property, learning more about these pests can help you avoid carrying them into your home or business building. Listed below are three things you should know about bed bugs

  • Bed bugs are expert hiders. These small, flat insects can squeeze their bodies into the smallest creases, cracks, and crevices. When bed bugs invade your Fort Worth property, they often hide behind wallpaper, under flooring, and inside furniture. 
  • Bed bugs have regular feeding patterns. During the day, bed bugs like to hide where you won’t spot them. However, when night falls, bed bugs will seek out their sleeping hosts (us) and feed on our blood.
  • Although bed bugs are considered nuisance pests instead of dangerous pests, they can still cause a lot of problems. Bed bugs aren’t known to spread any harmful diseases, but they can cause some individuals to become anemic due to prolonged bed bug exposure. Anemia is a condition in which there are not enough healthy red blood cells circulating throughout the body. 

Don’t wait for bed bugs to cause problems in your Fort Worth home or business, contact Cantu Pest & Termite today for immediate assistance. Our licensed pest professionals can eliminate your bed bug problem in no time at all.

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