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Friendswood is a beautiful city located in Galveston and Harris Counties and provides its residents with friendly neighborhoods and a sparse suburban feel. Although many people enjoy living in our area, pests such as insects, spiders, and rodents are a major pest problem for Friendswood homeowners and business owners. Cantu Pest & Termite has been committed to protecting people and property from pests of all shapes and sizes for over 30 years. We offer residential and commercial property owners modern, advanced, and effective pest control services. Our certified pest technicians can also provide you with our environmentally-responsible pest control plan: Cantu Green Service. Give Cantu Pest & Termite a call today to learn more about why Friendswood property owners choose us for their pest control needs.

Home Pest Control In Friendswood, TX

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There’s a good reason why insects, rodents, and specific wildlife animals are considered pests. They spread diseases, damage property, contaminate food items, and are dangerous to you and your family. Maintaining a pest-free Friendswood home is often difficult, especially if you don’t have prior knowledge about the pests you’re dealing with. To help you keep pests away from your residential property year-round, Cantu Pest & Termite offers a wide variety of comprehensive home pest control services for Friendswood homeowners to choose from. Each of our home pest control plans is customizable, so you can decide which services you need for your unique property. We will work with you to develop a home pest control plan that meets each and every one of your pest control and management needs. To find out more about what our home pest control solutions have to offer, contact the pest experts here at Cantu Pest & Termite.

Commercial Pest Control In Friendswood, TX

The professionals here at Cantu Pest & Termite are trained to protect many different business industries from the damage, disease, and problems that pests cause. We protect warehouses, apartment complexes, healthcare facilities, food-processing facilities, hotels, and many other Friendswood businesses from pests through the use of our commercial pest control services. By partnering with us to create a unique commercial pest control plan for your business, you can rest easy knowing that your Friendswood establishment will be free of pest problems all year long. Cantu Pest & Termite provides thorough inspections, accurate pest identification, effective treatments, and the implementation of proven prevention strategies to keep pests from invading in the future. If you’re ready to start protecting your commercial customers, inventory, and property from pests, reach out to Cantu Pest & Termite today. 

Do We Have Dangerous Spiders In Friendswood, TX?

No matter which way you look at them, spiders are creepy pests to discover in your Friendswood home or business building. Unfortunately, there are quite a few spiders that live here in Texas, and many of them have no problem invading your property while following their insect prey. Some of the most common spiders in our area include jumping spiders, grass spiders, orb weaver spiders, wolf spiders, cellar spiders, and woodlouse hunter spiders. Although they might look frightening, most spiders are not a direct threat to your physical well-being. However, there are two species of dangerous spiders here in Friendswood that you should be aware of: brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. These spiders are known for inflicting painful bites that can lead to health issues for anyone who gets bitten. Bites from black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are rarely fatal but can cause extreme discomfort, pain, swelling, tremors, nausea, and a long list of other symptoms. To avoid finding spiders in your Friendswood home or business, reach out to Cantu Pest & Termite for high-quality spider control and prevention services. We have what it takes to identify and eliminate the source of your pest problems so that you won’t have to deal with future pest activity on your property.

3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In Friendswood, TX

Did you know that bed bugs can only get into your Friendswood home or business building if they are brought there by you or someone you know? Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests, which means they can’t travel from point A to point B without our help. Instead of hopping or flying like many other insect pests, bed bugs crawl onto your luggage, bags, clothes, and personal items and are simply carried into your property without your knowledge. Once bed bugs are inside your home, they can hide in the smallest gaps and crevices and wait for the perfect time to feed on your blood. Unfortunately, this means bed bug infestations are incredibly difficult to prevent, and even more difficult to eliminate. Here are three things you can do to avoid finding bed bugs on your Friendswood property:

  • Keep your belongings and bags close to you and avoid setting them on the floors of public spaces. 
  • Always inspect your hotel or motel room thoroughly for signs of bed bug activity before staying the night. If you notice small spots of excrement, bloodstains, or tiny white eggshells, ask to be moved to a different room.
  • Try not to bring used furniture into your home or business. Bed bugs can easily hide in couch cushions and between fabric seems. 

Bed bug infestations should always be handled by the professionals. To help eliminate your bed bug problems, turn to Cantu Pest & Termite.

Let Cantu Pest & Termite Help You Stay Pest-Free!

Cantu Pest & Termite is a trusted purveyor of pest removal, defense and extermination services. While we understand that when placing a call to Cantu you may not be in the most jovial of spirits, we believe that our industry-leading customer service and timely response will eradicate your agitation, along with the pests. Call (281) 688-2416 today to inquire about our services, to schedule a visit for an estimate, or to ask for a quote. We look forward to serving the good citizens of Friendswood.

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