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La Porte is a city located in Harris County within the Bay Area of the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area. Although many people enjoy living in our beautiful city, it’s important to understand that many destructive and nuisance pests live in and around La Porte properties as well. Pests can damage personal belongings, spread dangerous diseases, and contaminate food. The only way to ensure pests are kept away from your La Porte residential or commercial property is by implementing an effective, year-round plan to control and eliminate pests. At Cantu Pest & Termite, we offer a wide selection of pest control services to solve all kinds of problems, no matter the size. Don’t wait, get in touch with the local experts here at Cantu Pest & Termite today for more information about the services we offer.

Home Pest Control In La Porte, TX

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Whether you are dealing with spiders, rodents, insects, or other household pests, you can trust the professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite to keep your La Porte home and family protected. Our home pest control services are designed with your needs in mind. These plans include protection from 20+ common pests, thorough inspections, and long-term solutions. If you have a pest problem, we have what it takes to solve it. Our services are effective, affordable, and eco-friendly. You can depend on us to meet your specific needs. Contact the skilled technicians here at Cantu Pest & Termite today for more details about our Cantu Pest Protection Plan or other residential options.

Commercial Pest Control In La Porte, TX

Keeping your La Porte restaurant, medical facility, apartment complex, hotel, or other business free of pests can be a frustrating task to accomplish. No matter what types of business you run, pests will always try to find their way into your commercial facility. Pests can get into your business in a number of ways, including through small gaps in your foundation, underneath doors, and inadvertently being brought into your business by employees and customers. No matter how they invade, you should always implement effective commercial pest treatments and prevention strategies to ensure pests don’t drive away your customers or damage your inventory. When you partner with the pest professionals here at Cantu Pest & Termite, you don’t have to worry about dangerous and nuisance pests causing problems in your La Porte business. We will work with you to find a customized solution that fits the exact needs of your commercial establishment. Reach out to Cantu Pest & Termite today to learn more about our commercial solutions.

Are Cockroaches In La Porte, TX Dangerous?

When you think about cockroaches, what are a few of the words that come to mind? Many people would describe cockroaches as creepy, filthy, and disturbing. And for good reason. Cockroaches are opportunistic pests that will eat just about anything they can find. They will crawl across bacteria-filled materials such as garbage, sewer matter, carrion, feces, and decaying organic materials. Once they invade your property, this bacteria is spread to your food items, counter surfaces, and food prep areas. 

Although cockroaches don’t bite or sting, they are still considered dangerous pests due to their ability to spread serious diseases. A few of the diseases that cockroaches can spread include cholera, typhoid fever, plague, salmonellosis, leprosy, dysentery, and many others. To keep cockroaches away from your La Porte home or business, turn to Cantu Pest & Termite for complete cockroach control and prevention services. Our goal is to provide quality pest control services that will protect you and your property. Reach out to us today to learn how the professionals here at Cantu Pest & Termite keep La Porte properties pest-free. 

Guide To Protecting Your La Porte, TX Home From Termites

Termites are common property-invading pests that are most common in warm, humid climates. Unfortunately, termites are a widespread threat for homeowners throughout the Houston area. The best way to avoid termite damage is to reduce factors that may attract them. Listed below are a few termite prevention tips that can help you avoid attracting termites to your property:

  • Install weather stripping around all exterior doorways.
  • Avoid direct wood-to-soil contact.
  • Clear organic debris out of your gutters to prevent water from building up.
  • Seal any gaps and cracks you find around your foundation and exterior walls.
  • Use pine needles in place of mulch.
  • Remove dead or fallen trees from your property.
  • Keep an eye out for termite swarmers and mud tubes.
  • Cut weeds, shrubs, tall grasses, and other foliage away from your exterior walls.
  • Repair leaking pipes and fixtures. 
  • Remove water-damaged wood from your home.
  • Install dehumidifiers to prevent excess moisture. 

The most effective way to handle termite infestations is with the help of an experienced professional. At Cantu Pest & Termite, we provide high-quality treatments and prevention strategies that will eliminate current infestations and prevent future termite activity. Contact us today to ask about all of our termite control services and treatment methods.

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Albert Cantu founded his company with the understanding that a hands-on approach to problem solving and a forthright but patient demeanor were two keys to the provision of high-quality customer care. When you call Cantu Pest & Termite, we understand that it is most likely because pests are giving you a headache, we don’t want to make it worse. If you call (281) 688-2416, you will be directed straight through to a Cantu Pest & Termite customer service representative who will provide you with any information that you need. Call Cantu today for an estimate, to schedule an appraisal, or to simply learn more about our business.

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