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Spring is a small community located in Harris County that is surrounded by many scenic nature trails and lush green parks. No matter where you live, pests are a major problem that needs to be dealt with properly. At Cantu Pest & Termite, we offer top-of-the-line pest solutions to ensure all of your pest control needs are met. Whether you own a home or business property, our certified pest experts have what it takes to provide you with comprehensive pest solutions in Spring. Don’t wait for pests to infest your Spring home or business, contact Cantu Pest & Termite today for immediate help with your pest problems.

Home Pest Control In Spring, TX

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You and your family deserve only the very best protection possible from pests. With Cantu Pest & Termite on your side, you can trust that your pest problems will vanish in no time at all. We understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free Spring home, which is why we offer comprehensive home pest control plans that can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you want to avoid the problems that pests such as rodents, termites, bed bugs, and spiders can cause for you and your family, reach out to Cantu Pest & Termite today. We are committed to providing you with the home pest control services you deserve, year-round. For more information on all of the pest control services we offer Spring home and business owners, give Cantu Pest & Termite a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Spring, TX

Pests will damage your reputation and cause your Spring business to be shut down if you give them the chance. Every business industry is unique and requires unique pest management plans and commercial services. Here at Cantu Pest & Termite, we provide a wide range of pest control services for business establishments. If your Spring business needs protection from rodents, bed bugs, spiders, ants, cockroaches, or any other pests, the pest experts at Cantu Pest & Termite have you covered. We offer high-quality commercial pest control plans tailored to the exact needs and regulations of your specific industry. With over 30 years of experience handling and controlling pest problems, you can rely on Cantu Pest & Termite to keep your Spring business property protected year-round. Partner with us today to experience the peace of mind that comes with complete pest protection.

Flea Prevention Tips For Spring, TX Residents

Fleas are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals to survive. These parasitic pests have strong legs that allow them to hop from one host to another. Although fleas can bite humans, they usually prefer to hide within the fur of the animals they live on. Fleas have a fast reproduction rate, which means you could have a full-blown flea infestation in a few short months if even one or two fleas manage to invade your Spring property.

To prevent fleas from taking over your home or business building, implement a few of these helpful flea prevention tips:

  • Regularly check your pet’s fur for fleas.
  • Remove leaves, brush, and other organic debris from your lawn.
  • Mow your lawn regularly, as fleas like to hide in tall grass.
  • Fit your pets with vet-approved flea and tick collars.
  • Treat your pets for fleas year-round.
  • Inspect your property for signs of rodent activity, as they can bring fleas into your home or business.

Cantu Pest & Termite is dedicated to providing Spring home and business owners effective year-round pest control plans and services. Avoid the stress and frustration that fleas cause by reaching out to us today for immediate pest control assistance.

Should I Protect My Spring, TX Property From Termite Damage?

Termites in Spring are small, white insects that feed on wooden materials and damage thousands of properties every year. There are many pests that can damage your Spring home or business building, but none are quite as damaging as termites. What termites may lack in size, they make up for in their ability to destroy property. A single termite colony is capable of inflicting massive structural damage to your Spring property over the course of 5 to 8 years. At Cantu Pest & Termite, we understand the importance of effective termite control services, which is why we offer nothing but the best termite control and management methods available. If you need liquid treatments for your termite infestation, we have you covered. If you need effective termite baiting stations, we provide those as well. No matter what you need, the professionals at Cantu Pest & Termite have what it takes to deliver. Reach out to us today for more information about our termite treatments and solutions.

Let Cantu Pest & Termite Help You Stay Pest-Free!

If you own a home or business in Spring, Texas and you are experiencing pest infestations, call Cantu Pest & Termite today! We can help you with your pest management and pest control needs and give you back your peace of mind. We develop customized pest control solutions for each customer. Call us today at (281) 688-2416.

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